San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Anyone who drives in San Diego during rush hour will know that the city suffers from traffic and congestion. Some people are bypassing the problem by riding a motorcycle. Motorcycles are convenient, economical, and they are fun to ride. However, if there was an accident, the motorcyclist is more likely to sustain severe injuries. The driver of the car is more likely to walk away with minimal injuries. If this happens to you, call a San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney. You need to get a team to start collecting data and statements from witnesses. If the accident was caused by a negligent driver, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

California drivers are required to get auto insurance so in many ways, you are covered. However, insurance companies are not in the business of giving out money: it will be in their self-interest to put some of the blame on you so they will pay out less. To complicate matters, it is always the job of the plaintiff to prove liability. If you can’t prove that the driver was negligent, your claim won’t be worth very much. As well, in California, there is the concept of “Comparative Fault”. Basically, it means that the fault can be divided so the blame can go to both the driver and the motorcyclists. This means you will only get a portion of the compensation you thought you were entitled to.

Lawyer Levin – Scripps Ranch Personal Injury Law Firm

Scott Levin is a resourceful and relentless attorney, he will fight for your rights and get you a compensation that is better than what the insurance companies will offer. Filling up a few forms and hoping for the best is not a good option. Get help from a professional. After all, a motorcycle accident can leave you with hospital bills, damaged motorcycle, and loss of wages. Contact us to get started:
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