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Californians love their dogs and we appreciate that. However, sometimes dogs go rogue and bite a person. When that happens, the dog owner is responsible for their pet’s actions. If a dog bites you, the dog owner is liable for bite-related injuries. It becomes a felony if the dog owner does not provide you with contact information after an attack. As well, it is a felony if the dog owner does not properly secure a vicious or an attack dog. Dog bites are not trivial and may cause lasting scars or disfigurement.  If you have dog-bite injuries or damages, please call us for consultation. Our San Diego dog bite attorney can examine your case to see how you can get monetary compensation for your pain and suffering.

Keep in mind that there are some cases where you will not receive compensation for a dog bite. These include the situations where you purposely provoke, harass, or annoy a dog. Similarly, if you were in a private place (someone’s home) and you were participating in an illegal activity (burglarizing the home), then you will not get compensation for dog-bite injuries. Also, there are California laws which protect the government, military and law-enforcement dogs so they can bite without fear of liability. Even so, there are exceptions to the rule.  Police dogs cannot bite innocent bystanders.  In addition, police cannot allow police dogs to continue attacking after a suspect is no longer an immediate threat.

Clearly, a dog bite is not as simple as it may seem and there is always two sides of the story. Please contact the Levin Law Firm and speak with a San Diego Dog bite attorney: 858-751-9959.

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