San Diego Civil Mediation Lawyer

San Diego Civil Mediation LawyerA San Diego civil mediation lawyer is someone who can help people come to a legal agreement without having to go to trial. People underestimate how much time and money it costs to take a case to court. For most regular people, solving problems out of court is much cheaper, faster, and less stressful. However, in order for the aggrieved parties to come to the table, you need a mediator who is neutral, fair and knows the law.

A mediation lawyer’s main focus is to find a resolution through negotiation and compromise. There are many cases where neither party is willing to negotiate or compromise, but the skill of the mediator is to bring the two parties together. Each has a chance to air their grievances and suggest how they would like the issue to be resolved. With all issues on the table, the mediation lawyer finds a path forward so both parties agree on a settlement. In most situations, both parties leave -if not 100% satisfied- then at least, somewhat satisfied.

Resolving Civil Cases through Mediation

If possible, Courts prefer that people resolve civil cases through mediation. This is because:

  • Courts don’t have the resources to address every civil case that arise. Some cases are as simple as, “Your dog pees on my lawn.” Courts don’t have the time and manpower to hear every case of this nature.
  • Resolution through a mediator often brings better results. In mediation, a resolution is agreed upon suggesting that both parties were involved in the decision making thus, the result is more fair.
  • People tend to be more satisfied with the results of mediation because it gives them a safe space to vent and “get it off their chest”.  Being heard can sometimes make people feel better even if the monetary compensation is small.

If you need a San Diego civil mediation lawyer, contact Scott Levin. Scott is an experienced mediator and has the ability to guide clients to a acceptible resolution. Scott specializes in personal injury and family law.
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