San Diego Boating Accident Attorney

A major appeal of the San Diego lifestyle is the ability to enjoy boating and yachting activities. There’s nothing more wonderful than the ocean spray and west wind on your face. However, sometimes boating events end in tragedy with injuries and even deaths. If this happens to you or someone you love, you should consider having a San Diego Boating Accident Attorney by your side. Boating accidents can be costly and you will need a lawyer to help you get the compensated you deserve. Boating accidents often happen when people underestimate the power of the wind and waves; or they don’t fully understand the “rules of the road”. Sometimes, safety precautions (such as safety vests, or “kill switches”) are not available. Sometimes people make poor decisions because they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you have been in a boating accident with someone who is incompetent or negligent, you may be eligible for compensation.

No one wants to be in a boating accident and one should always do everything possible to avoid or prevent an accident. But if you have acquired injuries and damages to yourself or your vessel due to someone else’s folly, get a good San Diego boating accident lawyer to fight for your rights.

Examples of boating accidents include:

  • Collision with another vessel
  • Boat is defective, broken, or in need of repairs
  • Boat is lacking safety devices and protocols
  • Too many people on the boat
  • Boat travelling too fast
  • Traveling into a wave at unsafe speed or angle
  • Not understanding or following navigation rules
  • Sailing during adverse weather
  • Boating while under the influence
  • and more

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