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Client First Approach

We take a client first approach, taking the time to learn the needs, goals, and problems of our clients and then establish an appropriate course of action to achieve their objectives. Our practice prides itself on leading our clients through the legal process as their advocate, counselor, and champion.

We Help Good People Meet Challenges

We realize the challenges that legal and financial obstacles can create for good people. That is why we are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services available in Scripps Ranch and San Diego residents. We treat every client’s problem as if it were our own and focus on achieving the best results possible for each client.

Services We Provide

Personal Injury

If you have been injured due to no fault of your own, get a personal injury attorney to represent your side of the story.

Car Accident

Involved in a bad car accident?  Call us for help with insurance claims and compensation.

Truck Accident

Truck accidents can be devastating.  Contact us for legal representation.

Police Brutality

If you feel that you have been wrongly brutalized by law enforcement, give us a call for legal representation!

Wrongful Death

It’s terrible when someone you love dies.  It’s even worst when the person died because of someone else’s negligence.

Bicycle Accident

Whether you are riding your bike to work or riding for fun, you may be able to apply for compensation after a bicycling accident.

Boating Accident

Faulty equipment, poor safety conditions, and incompetency may result in terrible boating accidents.

Dog Bite Attorney

Bitten by a dog?  Get the wounds examined before they get worst.  Call us for help regarding compensation.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice or negligence can lead to more severe injuries or even death!

Slip and Fall Accidents

Did you slip on a wet floor or uneven flooring?  You may be eligible for compensation.

Motorcycle Accident

When there’s a traffic accident, motorcyclists are at a great disadvantage.  Call us for for legal advice.

“I was pretty sure that I had a case, but I had absolutely no idea where to start. Scott Levin was just brilliant, and so professional. I feel like I have got my life back at last!”

Jessie Rodgers

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